Rise of the Runelords (Anniversary Edition)

Game Session #4: Thistletop! (Part I)

Current Year: 4707 AR
Date: 30 Rova

Having made their preparations, the heroes departed Sandpoint for Thistletop. The journey to the thistle and bramble-shrouded woods took a bit over two hours. Venturing into the woods, the small-stature of the dwarves made navigating the narrow and thicketed passes easier. As they carefully made their way through, they encountered a goblin druid (who they would later learn was named Gogmurt.) The druid made great uses of his abilities to pass through the wall of the thickets, striking the group then fading back to the protection of the brambles. At one point, his potent magics managed to ensorcle Beast, who ignored any commands from Rockash and simply sat, passively watching the combat take place. Gogmurt was assisted by his firepelt cougar companion, Tangletooth. The party dispatched the cougar, then gave chase, but the druid managed to escape.

As the party made their way to the bridge connecting the mainland to the island (that once was the head of one of the Runelord Karzoug’s sentinel statues), Astrid noticed that the decaying rope bridge had been trapped, and that too much weight would cause the bridge to collapse, sending all those on it to the briny depths some eighty feet below. As Astrid worked to bypass the trap, the others noticed that something large and heavy had been dragged through the thicket and at least to their end of the bridge, if not across it to the other side. Carefully, the party made their way across the bridge, where they found the wooden stockade that was home to a number of goblins.

Most of the goblins the party encountered were nothing more than mere annoynaces. They were easily dispatched, and after one encounter, the party discovered the large and heavy creature that had been dragged from the mainland: a large, black horse had been captured and was tied up. Clearly indicating it wanted to be free, the party removed the ropes and the horse galloped away to freedom.

The party continued to investigate the stockade further and, again, easily dispatched the goblins, except for one: Warchief Ripnugget! The goblin warrior charged into battle, mounted on a large gecko named Stickfoot. Ripnugget’s skills as a mounted combatant were formidable, and he did considerable damage to the party. However, eventually, the party held fast, wore him down, and he died.

Resting to heal their wounds, Rockash quickly journedy back to Sandpoint, where Father Zantus provided him with a number of potions and scrolls to assist them. He returned to the party, where the healed and rested for the night, preparing to journey into the lower levels of Thistletop!



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