Rise of the Runelords (Anniversary Edition)

Game Session #2: The Glassworks

Current Year: 4707 AR
Date: 29 Rova

The party set out to investigate the Glassworks, searching for any sign or trace of Ameiko. As they approached, they made some general inquiries of nearby citizens regarding the comings-and-goings of persons in the area. They indicated that recently the shop had been closed to the public, but that the furnaces were running. Most just assumed that there was a large project being undertaken and that the workers did not want to be disturbed or interrupted.

Arriving at the Glassworks, the heroes found every exterior door locked, and the interior curtains closed at every window. Astrid scaled the wall and, peering into one of the skylights, looked down into the main furnace room. What she saw was nothing short of shocking: goblins were running around in a frenzy, waving and arm or leg, throwing an occasional hand or foot, squealing gleefully. She saw human corpses, and noticed that some had been covered in molten glass.

The party moved to an exterior set of doors, and Astrid’s skills with a lock-pick gained the party entrance to the building. After a quick exploration, the party moved into the main furnace room, where they were attacked by eight goblins. The fight was difficult – the cramped space combined with the number of goblins proved a serious challenge to the group, but they were able to overcome the frenzied goblins, though two managed to escape through another door. After the fight, the party searched the room and found, propped in a chair, the molten-glass encased corpse of Lonjiku Kaijitsu.

The heroes headed off after the fleeing goblins, descending a stair case that was in the adjoining room. Discovering a wall that had been knocked down, the party searched the area. Hearing some sounds, the party continued on, eventually discovering the injured Ameiko Kaijitsu. The party healed her, and upon regaining consciousness, she informed the party that she had been lured here by her brother, Tsuto. He had attempted to get her to join him in following Nualia, as other mercenaries had done. She had refused and so Tsuto had his goblins beat her. The party escorted her to the stairs and directed her to seek out Father Zantas for healing.

The party made its way to the one room it had not explored, and when the opened the door, they were attacked by the two goblins which had fled Additionally, Tsuto attacked the party and, in moments, had rendered Drodin and Astrid unconscious. Tsuto proved to be a difficult opponent, but the party finally defeated him. Though he nearly bled to death, Rockash was able to stabilize him. The party searched him and found some equipment and his journals.

The journals were filled with pages full of drawings of Nualia. Three pages in particular stood out, and in those pages, the party learned that Nualia (who had been presumed dead) had burned the remains of her adopted father as a means to gain favor with Lamashtu. As well, there were references to a forthcoming larger assault on Sandpoint. Additionally, two locations were mentioned that caught the party’s attention: the tunnels below the Glassworks, and Thistletop (which is a journey of two hours by foot from Sandpoint.)

The party secured Tsuto and is contemplating its next move.



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